Francis is better known as boogie2988 (Steven Williams) He is a Youtube superstar. He is currently 42 years of age and was born 24th July 1974. Boogie2988 has a lot of problems with his weight, but after doing PDD he has lost 20 pounds in the last month. boogie2988 has a beautiful wife call dez2988. She is very supportive of boogie. boogie2988's childhood has been described as sad, lonely, and he was abused by his parents. He was overweight as a result of being abused and was into video games which caused him to get bullied in school. His dad died of cancer around 8th September 2001. His mother died due to complications of diabetes at around 4am on 6th or 8th October 2009, aged 67. boogie2988's first love was actually a black girl that he met at a camp. Today boogie2988 lives a full life making videos and streaming all at boogie2988.

Before November 2016, He is meet McJugggerNuggets.

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